Drinktec 2017

Munich, September 11. – 15.

Sealing solutions for the food and beverage industry face a diversity of industry specific challenges. For example, they must withstand a variety of media, including oils, acids, sugars, salts and other food and beverage components. Also, they must meet the requirements of hygienic design and challenging cleaning regimes, and pass the  strictest food contact material safety standards.

At Trelleborg Sealing Solutions we have decades of experience specializing in designing seals and developing approved materials that meet the challenges of the food and beverage industry.
Together with you, our experts can develop the optimum sealing solution for your application.
For more information regarding this exhibition, please see http://www.drinktec.com
We look forward to welcoming you at the fair.

Lead Group Team Food, Beverage & Potable Water

Our strengths at a glance:

Outstanding product and material range:

  • Hygienic design
  • Compliance to all major standards
  • Able to withstand severe cleaning regimes (CIP/SIP) 

Engineering competence:
  • Design, test and manufacturing of customer specific components
  • Advanced polymers, composites and hybrid part design

Enhanced Services:
  • Service Plus, e.g special handling, packaging and Quick Seal delivery
  • E-Tools and Apps to support design engineers, e.g. Material Compatibility App

Film about sealing solutions for the food and beverage industry

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