Whitepaper: Fighting Hospital Acquired Infection

Exploring methods of combining silicone tubing with APIs

Healthcare-Associated Infections are a major, yet often preventable threat to patient safety. Since they can have a significant impact on the survival rate of patients undergoing medical procedures and treatment, the minimization of such infections is an important focus globally.

While there has been some success in decreasing hospital-acquired infections, they still remain a significant issue. Particularly catheter-associated infections are difficult to prevent due to their inherent positioning both inside and outside the body.

This whitepaper outlines three techniques and presents test results proving the effectiveness of the immersion impregnation method in combining an API with silicone tubing to prevent catheter-associated infections.

Applying antibiotic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) coatings to silicone catheters by spraying or dipping
Addition of antibiotic APIs to raw silicone
Impregnation of vulcanized silicone with antibiotic API through immersion